He Wore Our Coat

“They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” – Revelation 7:14

God only has one requirement for entrance into heaven: that we be clothed in Christ. Listen to how Jesus describes the residents of heaven: “They will walk with me and wear white clothes, because they are worthy. (Rev. 3:4) Listen to the description of the elders: “Around the throne there were 24 elders and they were dressed in white and had golden crowns on their heads. (Rev 4:4)

All were dressed in white, The saints and the elders. How would you suppose Jesus is dressed. In white? “He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God.” (Rev. 19:13) Why is Christ’s robe not white? Why is his cloak not spotless? Why is his garment dipped in blood? Paul says it simply; “He changed places with us” (Gal 3:13) Jesus wore our coat of sin to the cross.

From the Devotional book: “Grace for the Moment”
Page 660
Author: Max Lucado
Thomas Nelson Publishers
ISBN 978-1-4041-1374-9

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Worship: Keeps Me Sinning as I Go

For it is the Lord my God I sing with joy, bringing great honor and glory of what He has done for me. He sent His son to free me from a sure death.

Our worship could be viewed as sin if we are not careful, according to our worship pastor. Here’s a reblog of his blog…

Mark Moore

FPC_southampton Nope.  That’s not a typo.  We very likely commit grievous sin as we worship.  Right there in our sanctuaries, smack dab in the pulpit and the pew, is an idol worshipped by all those who attend.  You’re guilty, and so am I.

When the Church gathers to worship, we do so because we have been redeemed.  A great God has saved us through Jesus Christ, and we rejoice, not only in the cross, but also in the resurrection, longing for the day that Jesus will come again…”Even so, Lord, come quickly.”

Where Do We Go Wrong

Sure, there are other benefits gleaned from gathering to worship, and these are expressed in our encouragement to and community with each other.  These are the horizontal elements that exist between and among those in the gathering.  They are biblical and important.  But, the audience in our gatherings is not sitting in the pews…it’s…

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Pardon & Consequences

Finding joy in our christian walk can be comforting knowing that our sins are forgiven. But never minimize the impact of sin has in our fleshly bodies. Pray for understanding and wisdom of God’s word in your life and the people you love. Here’s what my pastor, Mike Lee, has to say about our pardon from sin and the consequences of sin.

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I Am the God of Love and Peace

Be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you. – 2 Corinthians 13:11 (NKJV)

I AM THE GOD OF LOVE AND PEACE. Let the splendor of this glorious truth sink into the depths of your heart, mind and spirit. The One who is always with you is the God of Love and Peace! When you feel the need for more love come to Me and let Me lavish it upon you. Whenever you are feeling anxious or afraid, come into My peaceful presence and relax in My everlasting arms which are waiting for you.

When someone irritates or upsets you, try to see Me in that person. Remember that I created everyone in My own image. The most effective way to love people is to allow My love to flow through you to them. My Spirit lives inside you, and you can ask Him to love others through you. Make every effort to live close to Me, the God of Love and Peace.

From the Devotional book: “Jesus Today”
Page 142
Author: Sarah Young
Thomas Nelson Publishers
ISBN 978-1-4003-2009-7

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“All your children will be taught by the Lord, and they will have much peace.” – Isaiah 54:13

“Never underestimate the ponderings of a Christian parent. Never underestimate the power that comes when a parent pleads with God on behalf of a child. Who knows how many prayers are being answered right now because of the faithful ponderings of a parent 10 or 20 years ago? God listens to thoughtful parents.

Praying for our children or grand children is a noble task. If what we are doing, in this fast paced society, is taking us away from prayer time for our children, we are doing too much. There is nothing more special, more precious that the time that a parent spends struggling and pondering with God on behalf of a child.”

From the Devotional book: “Grace for the Moment”
Page 468
Author: Max Lucado
Thomas Nelson Publishers
ISBN 978-1-4041-1374-9

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Harmful Attitudes That Spoil Relationships in a Worship Team

I love being part of the worship team at 3BC. The other day our worship pastor read an article and then e-mailed the entire worship team the following message:

The subject was: Building Community in our Worship Team

“I love the fellowship and relationships we have in our worship team! I can honestly say that the dynamics within our group are great, and all of us desire to work together to lead worship at 3BC. There is a sweet spirit of cooperation and unity, and I love hearing all of you fellowship and talk before, during and after Wednesday rehearsal.


I read this article yesterday and it addresses 4 things that harm unity within the worship team. While I don’t see evidence of any of this within our group, I am aware that we are musicians. The personality and make up of musicians walks a thin line between humility and cockiness – after all, as those who present (or perform) musical pieces, we have to carry a certain amount of confidence, as well as the character trait that allows us to have enough confidence to stand in front of people to expose (or highlight) our gifts and strengths. Sometimes, musicians can get priorities out of order. After all, it has been said that when the Devil fell, “he landed right in the choir loft.” (I personally resent when people say that, but, hey, it works for my argument here!!)

Anyway…read the article above. The pastor is preaching on community in the Church this Sunday, and the article gives 4 attitudes that can be harmful to the community of a worship team. These are things to avoid.

I’m looking forward to Sunday’s worship! See you there.

Your worship pastor”

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Behold the Lamb (The Communion Hymn)

Have you ever had times where God has got your full attention but yet, did not (fully) understand what He wanted?

This morning I was awaken around 1:30 am and this is what I am suppose to share.


Merry Christmas,

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