“Joy is not optional. It’s essential.” – John Piper

“Joy is not optional. It’s essential!” – John Piper

“God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in him.” –
John Piper

Here’s a short video about how John Piper founded “Desiring God”:


11 Articles on Christmas Hymns by staff writers at Desiring God

The Emotions of Christmas by Pastor Mike Lee

“The glory of Christmas is that it is not the beginning of Christ.
Long before that first Christmas, his story had begun — not just in various prophecies, but in a divine person. Christmas may be the opening of the climactic chapter, but it is not the commencement of Christ.” – The Eternity Before Christmas by David Mathis.



About Wayne Comer

I’m Wayne Comer, an independent contract software engineer and computer software consultant. I am a christian and attend church at Third Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, TN, also known as 3BC. I’m married to Kathleen since 1992 and I have 1 grown and married daughter, Shay. I have lived in Murfreesboro, TN most of my life and when time permits I love to bike, canoe, hike, and go camping with my wife. Golf and Baseball are my 2 favorite sports... well, besides fishing.
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