I’m Listening. — God

The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.” ~ Psalm 34:17.

Today we live in an environment of high anxiety. More people than ever before are seeking professional help to deal with the stress and depression caused by our modern lifestyles. Many individual require antidepressant drugs that counter the effects of chemical inbalances, but the most physically balanced person on the planet will still feel the challenge of dealing with complications and questions that were unheard of just fifty years ago.

The Bible says that God is our high tower, a refuge in time of trouble. When we feel anxious or overwhelmed, God has promised to fill us with His peace that passes understanding, sheltering us from the torment of our worry and restoring us once again to soundness. He has promised never to leave us, to be always available to help us when we cry out to Him.

Where do you turn when the extremities of life seem to have you cornered? Do you reach out to God? He understands what you are facing today. He know the boundaries of your strength and courage. He want to reach out to you with His peace. Call on Him and you will feel His calm assurance that together you can handle whatever life dishes out.

From the book “God Speaks
Page 176
Honor Books
ISBN 1-56292-857-0


About Wayne Comer

I’m Wayne Comer, an independent contract software engineer and computer software consultant. I am a christian and attend church at Third Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, TN, also known as 3BC. I’m married to Kathleen since 1992 and I have 1 grown and married daughter, Shay. I have lived in Murfreesboro, TN most of my life and when time permits I love to bike, canoe, hike, and go camping with my wife. Golf and Baseball are my 2 favorite sports... well, besides fishing.
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